Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am so terrible at writing here. I am not sure why, either. I guess I will blame it on not having enough time and when I do I am so tired that I just don't have the energy.
Anyway, today I have a moment and just needed a little venting session. We went to Trader Joe's today to get some groceries. A few minutes after getting there Kelsey started throwing a tantrum. (Part of this whole thing is my fault because we went at naptime and she only had a little car nap) Anyway, she would not listen and was crying and screaming and yelling no ( I think as loud as she could). Now I am not so bothered by this. It is annoying and makes me just want to leave (but I couldn't because we needed groceries so bad), but what made me so frustrated and a bit angry is all of the people in the store. People were just starring, and some were making comments under their breath. How annoying can you be? Could there really have been a store full of people who had never seen a child have a tantrum? The other thing was that 2 separate people who worked there came running up with cookies and kept wanting to feed her. She took the cookies, of course, and the crying stopped for a second but then she was right back at it. I really wanted to yell, not so much at Kelsey, as the rest of the people who were acting as if I was beating my child and not simply carrying her while she threw a huge tantrum. GRRRR! And whats worse is that once she was in the car she was fine and happy. Why couldn't she have the tantrum there instead of in the store? And I will have one more soon. What am I thinking?!

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