Monday, April 27, 2009

The kids

I am finding it hard to sit here and write anything that makes sense. My mind is all over the place, and I am pretty tired. So I guess that it is easiest for me to write about the kids.
Avery is have so much fun in her new school. She has a great teacher and she loves her. We had to put her in the afternoon Kindergarten because that was the only space they had left at the school. Otherwise she would have had to go to another school. At first I was not happy about this, but it is working out great. So good that next year we are going to have Braden in afternoon Kindergarten. 3 kids from Avery's class live on our street. That really helped her transition, I think. She also learned to ride without training wheels since moving. This has also taught her about falling and paying attention to things. Both kids love to take family bike rides. Last weekend we hit a record for the kids of 6.5 miles. I was really amazed that they were able to ride that far.
Braden is loving school too. He started at this preschool that has a goat and bunny. He loves it for that. They also have a garden that the kids are a big part of with planting and care. There are not nearly the academic opportunities at this school that he had at his last, but he is learning and having a great time so I guess that is all that matters. He is such an active boy! Sometimes it is wonderful and sometimes it makes me want to pull out my hair. He also learned to ride without training wheels. He actually learned first. He taught himself because he wanted to go on these off road trails with his dad and he was told that he couldn't until he learned to ride without training wheels. So the next day he asked for them off and has been riding since. Avery taught herself as well, but she only did it because B did and she hates being beat by him.
Kelsey is getting so big. She is talking in full sentences and keeps us laughing with all she says and does. She thinks she is as big as the others, though, and that makes it hard for both of us sometimes.
Both the older kids are looking forward to summer. We are going to be busy with swim lessons (thanks to tax returns) and summer camp (thanks to their awesome aunt). They will also start soccer late summer as well. We will also have the girls birthday's, the birth of a new baby and trips down to see the family. Boy, I think I am tired already!

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  1. Yeah you finally found the time to do a blog! Sounds like all is well!